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Welcome to PIA of North Carolina
Professional Insurance Agents of North Carolina is an association positioned to meet the needs of all insurance agencies. We understand that the industry is changing, and we are willing and excited to change with it. Our goal is to enhance the members’ ability to prosper, to represent the members’ interests and to identify and address consumers' needs.

A partnership between PIANC and your agency can protect your agency’s legislative interests, provide potential markets, equip you with agency management tools, offer quality continuing education at discounted prices/ free, offer the most competitive E&O rates and the broadest coverage available. We keep your success as our goal.

We invite you to look us over, ask questions, and join us as we work together to make the Agency Marketing System in North Carolina stronger and better.

Any Life/Health, P/C, Real Estate, Financial Planners or others needing E&O, contact PIANC for E&O and membership

1-877-401-6822 or Jim@pianc.net

Knowledge Center - Ask PIANC
In a recent CE class we were holding, an agent attendee asked the following question as he has a client(s) that is currently engaged in a situation similar to the one I will outline for you here.

You have a client that has amassed a somewhat substantial estate and related assets and the client has asked for guidance and direction on how to, or what may be the best way to plan for and fund the taxes/expenses that may be levied against his estate in the event of his demise.

There are multiple ways to approach this concern with your Client(s) and advise them on this matter, we are only going to scratch the surface of this in this brief discussion today as the complexities of the subject matter can and will stretch into hundreds of paragraphs of information.

One advisement that could be provided to the Client(s) that would give them an option for their concern would be to have them purchase a (SPLIP) “Single Pay Life Insurance Policy” and have the Insureds “Estate” named as the “Beneficiary” of the policy and then the proceeds of the policy could be utilized by the Executor/Administrator of the estate to cover expenses and obligations attributed to the estate and/or decedent.

Many persons don’t think about or realize that there are ongoing expenses, obligations and taxes (Federal & State) that will continue to be their/their estates responsibility, after their death and don’t plan properly to be sure that these obligation’s and expenses are accounted for and for the best possible way to provide for their resolution and also minimize the impact these expenses may have on the estate moving forward.

Please note that this information is provided as an example of one of many ways that you may provide information and guidance to your clients and in no way is this information intended to be considered Legal or Tax Counseling for anyone that may consume it. We RECOMMEND that all persons CONSULT with their own AGENT/FINANCIAL ADVISOR for advice. We further recommend that in addition to financial counseling, it may be prudent for ATTORNEY and an ACCOUNTANT to be consulted by any persons with need of their PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE on such matters.

Email your questions and we will answer them here without using your name - Jim@pianc.net

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Friday, January 1, 2016 for New Year’s Day
The Davidson, NC office will be closed December 18-28, 2015 for vacation.
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Association of Mature American Citizens
Now is the time to reconsider your Medicare options. The Association of Mature American Citizens has developed its in-house Medicare Department to help you re-evaluate your needs and provide you with information from multiple top rated insurance carriers. Go with an organization that puts your best interest first. Unlike the "other senior organization," AMAC can offer you multiple choices at low rates.
Contact one of our trusted Licensed Agents at 1-800-334-9330 or visit us online at www.amac.us.
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Crop Insurance Dilemma
After returning from the AACI Fall Crop Conference in DC, long-time member of PIA of North Dakota and past PIA National Director, Larry McGillis of MayPort Insurance along with crop insurance leaders sounded a dire warning of the future of the MPCI program. “Every year we hear about cuts and threats to the US Ag Budgets and every year there have been cuts to the Crop Insurance program,” said McGillis, “but this year is the most serious ever and more worrisome than ever.” He and industry experts warn that the crop insurance program as we know it delivered by the private sector could be near its end.
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